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Ty Cobb was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. He was also one of the dirtiest players of our time. Some might even call that love for the game, passion. This movie is based off the book Cobb, which was written by Al Stump.

This film didn’t dive into baseball all that much, but it did show Cobb as the womanizing, racist, asshole as himself. If you knew nothing about Cobb and watched this film, you would just think he was an old rich, drunk racist living out his dying days as he pleased due to the fact that they really didn’t dive into any of his baseball accolades.

I really enjoyed Tommy Jones performance playing Ty Cobb and it was quite refreshing to watch a film from the early 90’s. There was no PC anything. We need to bring back the rawness of films such as portrayed in this one.

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